Concept Design Images

Artist's Impression - Concept Design Aerial View Zoomed

The zoomed-in aerial image shows the development of the Acute Services Building in closer detail.  This new building is the catalyst for the future vision of the integrated precinct. Significant works at the reimagined main entry to the hospital includes an entry canopy to clearly identify the main entry and start of the journey for patients, carers, visitors and the broader community.  It will also provide protection from the natural elements such as sun, rain and wind. With the construction of the new road network greatly reducing traffic, the main entry space will provide a more welcoming and relaxed space for all visitors. 

This image showcases the importance of connection and integration with the new and existing facilities.  The artist’s impression creates a vision for how the new Acute Services Building development will be key to seamlessly connecting parts of the precinct. 

Artist's Impression - Concept Design Cross Section of Acute Services Building
This artist’s impression cuts a section through the courtyard spaces of both the existing hospital and the new Acute Services Building. This important connection will be nurtured through both clinical function, connective link bridges, garden and landscaping, to create an expanded and enhanced facility which is key to the overall John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct.  

Artist's Impression - Concept Design Aerial View
The natural surroundings of the John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct provide a unique setting for the project and an ideal backdrop to the redevelopment of the John Hunter and John Hunter Children’s Hospitals. This image showcases an artist’s impression of the works to be undertaken to deliver the new Acute Services Building to the north of the existing building. The visual representation of the concept depicts an enhanced internal road network, a new Acute Services Building, and a reimagined main entry and arrival space. The image shows the redevelopment in the context of the city of Newcastle revealing Stockton Beach, Newcastle Harbour, Nobby’s Beach, McDonald Jones Stadium and the Newcastle Racecourse. 

Artist's Impression - Concept Design for Future Master Plan
A vision of what might be. This artist’s impression of a future master plan reveals existing and potential infrastructure connected by public spaces. There are three key areas that illustrate how the scale of the precinct can be used to its full advantage. These areas are 1) the Research and Education Zones to the west 2) the Hospital Zone in the centre and 3) the Parallel Provider Zone to the east. This vision for the future seeks to establish an identity for each zone with connectivity creating a seamless flow across the precinct, linking the east to the west. 


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