aboriginal design working group

lThe Aboriginal Design Working Group provides the Aboriginal community with a seat at the design table and offers opportunities to inform and shape the new John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct (JHHIP) through a cultural lens.
The JHHIP will serve all communities including the local Awabakal People and Aboriginal nations and communities across the health district. It is important that all communities who use the JHHIP feel welcome, safe and able to access compassionate care.

The JHHIP project team would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who shares their views and contributes to the project.


The John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct team recognises Aboriginal people as important stakeholders in the design and build of the new health precinct.

The project team have undertaken consultation with a number of local Aboriginal groups and stakeholders. This consultation will continue throughout the design and delivery of the JHHIP project. Activities have included:

  • A yarning circle to inform the emotional design brief for the precinct
  • Aboriginal Health Board committee
  • Presentations and discussions with the HNELHD 
  • Aboriginal representation on Project User Groups
  • Activities to inform the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Statement for the State Significant.Assessment as part of the Environmental Impact. 

More information

View the latest Aboriginal Design Working Group session summary - March 2021

Find out more about the program of consultation for the John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct.

To learn more about the Aboriginal design working group or to register your interest in becoming a representative, please send your name and email address to HI-JHHIP@health.nsw.gov.au.


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